Suite for Reeds

Composer: Cobb, Nancy Hill
Instrumentation: Trio Instruments: Bassoon, Clarinet, Oboe
Genre: Contemporary

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Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon

Suite for Reeds was commissioned by Trio Canna from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (Andrea Splittberger-Rosen, Stacey Berk and Patricia Holland) and premiered by them in 2010. Cobb wrote the work as part of her grieving process within the first year after her husband’s death in 2009. The first movement, “Lamentation Perpetual” reflects the disorientation of grief. The second, “Wistful Waltz,” depicts the sadness that good memories of the dance in a former life can bring. Awkward and humorous attempts to recover and “march ahead” with life are found in “March Gone Awry”. The final movement, “Remedy in Tarantella,” reflects the triumph of renewed energy and the human spirit prevailing. All four movements are cast in familiar structures of unity and variety.

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Suite for Reeds
Suite for Reeds

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