Saxophone and Woodwind Quintet

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  1. Night Winds

    Composer: Vogel, Roger C.
    Instrumentation: Solo and wind Quintet Instruments: Alto Sax, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon
    Genre: Contemporary
    The title of this highly dramatic work is suggestive of the dark and somber quality of the themes and textures used throughout. The alto sax has been added to the traditional wind quintet and is treated as an integral member of the group. This composition is cyclic in form and is in a multi-sectional single movement: there are three slow sections that alternate with two faster ones. Night Winds was completed in 1994 and is dedicated to the musicians that premiered it: by Ronald Waln, flute; Dwight Manning, oboe; Theodore Jahn, clarinet; Jean Martin horn; William Davis, bassoon; and Ken Fischer, alto sax. Learn More

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  2. Shipped - Foofaraw

    Composer: Self, Jim
    Instrumentation: Solo and wind Quintet Instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon, Soprano Sax
    Genre: Contemporary
    Soprano Saxophone and Woodwind Quintet

    Foofaraw was written in Spring 1996 for my dear friend Doug Masek who was, at the time, performing with the Capetown Symphony in South Africa. We have been friends since 1970 when we were both professors at the University of Tennessee and subsequently shared many years together in the Los Angeles area orchestras, universities and studios. Doug travels all over the world as a saxophone artist and I wanted to write a virtuoso solo he could play with resident woodwind quintets. It was a surprise to him. Most of the better music schools have faculty woodwind quintets and saxophone professors and Foofaraw is intended for those musicians too. The premier was given November 16, 2000 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater) by Keith Johnson and the IUP Faculty Woodwind Quintet. Foofaraw is in one movement with three main sections: moderate-slow-fast with a recurring fanfare. Harmonies are tonal/modal with occasional dissonant tensions. Rhythm is the driving force in much of my music--especially in this piece. It requires a good sense of time and "feel" for commercial rhythms. It was recorded for Doug’s CD, Saxophone Alternative on Centaur Records. We were very fortunate to have the finest studio woodwind players for this recording--which, by the way, was done without prior rehearsal in one three-hour session: Doug Masek, Soprano Saxophone; Jim Walker, Flute; Phil Ailing, Oboe; Jim Kanter, Clarinet; Rick Todd, Horn; Dave Riddles, Bassoon. The title means "commotion". Jim Self Learn More

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