Composer: Vogel, Roger C.
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Alto Sax, Piano
Genre: Contemporary

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with Piano: A highly dramatic composition composed for saxophonist Lawrence Gwozdz. It consists of 2 movements and is cyclical. Following the energetic introduction to the first movement, the animated main theme is used in various transformations throughout the movement.The beginniing of the second movement features a beautiful, flowing melody that undergoes fascinating development. This is followed by a brisk concluding section during which the exciting principal theme of the first movement recurs in alternation with the lyrical opening theme of the second movement. Sonata was premiered by Lawrence Gwozdz, alto saxophone, and Lois Anderson, piano, at Yale University on June 22, 1992.”This is a solid addition to the saxophone repertoire and is recommended highly.” - The Saxophone Symposium
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