Autumn Winds

Composer: Friedland, Zach
Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: Oboe
Genre: Contemporary

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Autumn Winds for Oboe is meant to capture the many moods of the fall season. The unique feature of the piece, the quickly alternating tempo markings provide both a challenge for the player but also quickly take the listener through the range of emotions we experience as the leaves fall and the wind blows on a crisp Autumn day. For some, it can be exciting and invigorating as the air dries and the colors change in the trees around us. For others, fall brings more solemn feelings as the warm weather fades and we look ahead to the days of waning sunlight. Autumn winds should provide each audience member with their own personal memories of fall and the proper feelings they wish to experience while listening.

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Autumn Winds
Autumn Winds

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