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  1. Solos for Celebrations and Remembrances

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    "Solos for Celebrations and Remembrances" for solo trombone, or euphonium, or bassoon by Roger C. Vogel is a collection of 12 short songs for special occasions: 2 for birthdays, 3 for weddings, 2 for remembrances, one for an anniversary, and one each for Irish, Jewish and Italian celebrations. This is a fun and practical “must” for all trombone, euphonium or bassoon players to have in their repertoire. Learn More
  2. Sonata della speranza

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    with Piano; Sonata della speranza “Sonata of Hope” for bassoon and piano by Howard J. Buss was written for Dr. Ann Shoemaker and is dedicated to the memory of bassoonist Dr. Eric Van der Veer Varner. When work on this sonata began in the autumn of 2019 it was being composed for Eric, a friend of the composer. After Eric’s sudden, tragic death shortly thereafter, the project was shelved. Work resumed in the spring during the global Covid-19 pandemic. At the time, Italy was the epicenter of the crisis and the composer, having friends living there, was deeply concerned with their welfare. As the composition developed, Italy overcame the worst of the ravages of the disease, and the pandemic took firm hold in the United States. The composer wrote much of Sonata della speranza while at home in Florida adhering to governmental shelter-in-place orders.

    The three movements address an array of emotions the composer experienced following the death of his friend and during the pandemic. The optimistic character of “Auspicious Sunrise” radiates the hope imbued in the morning glow of a new day. The musing nature of “Introspective” reflects the inner dialogue often experienced during the extended periods of social isolation. The buoyant, and at times whimsical third movement, “Serendipitous,” combines elements from the previous movements with new material: The music exudes an optimistic, forward thrust, while incorporating feelings from the daily experiences of living through the pandemic. Learn More

  3. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

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    with Piano

    This piece for bassoon and piano was written for my daughter, Megan Potter, for her Senior Recital in Bassoon in 2002. As I tend to write “concept” pieces, this Sonata was designed to be very personal and to revolve around my daughter and our immediate family.

    The first movement depicts the “happy family” of her childhood, when we were all together. The second movement expresses some of the tender feelings she was then having for the young man whom she eventually married.

    The third movement is one of my “Matthew” movements. I find that I often have my son in mind when I write some of my most cheerful and lively pieces and this one displays a certain jauntiness and irrepressible jocularity that Matthew always had as a young child. 

    Notes by Barbara York

    Learn More
  4. ThreeDanceszugger

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    In 3 movements : Jazz Waltz, Slow Dance, and Irish Jig. In this charming and entertaining work the composer envisions two people dancing with one another. The "lead" in each dance is shared in alternation between the two instrumentalists. The first movement, Jazz Waltz, is in ABA form with the middle section being a waltz in 4/4. The melody is introduced by the bassoon (or trombone) and is passed back and forth throughout. In the enchanting second movement, Slow Dance, the musical material undergoes continuous development with the equality of the parts being paramount. The energetic final movement, Irish Jig, opens with an intriguing mixed meter section which leads to the rousing jig. It concludes with an exciting and frenzied accelerando and fugue. This work is fun to perform and has a great audience appeal! The clarinet and trombone version is recorded on the CD Dances and Dreams [Mark Records 8290-MCD] Learn More
  5. Turbulent Times

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    Was composed during 2009, a time when The Great Recession held its powerful grip much of the world, and uncertainty continued to build within American society. There was a general sense that the prosperity of the past may never return, and that the future may bring even more hardships. As the seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wore on, many did not expect peace to return in the foreseeable future. Yet, life went on. The music of Turbulent Times suggests the ebb and flow of the intense uncertainty felt by many with the more pleasant aspects of everyday life. Following the lyrical and plaintive introduction, stormy passages give way to sections of relative tranquility, only to reappear. Learn More
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