Composer: Mothersole, Christopher
Instrumentation: Solo and Electronics Instruments: Clarinet, Electronics
Genre: Contemporary

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From the composer:

This classical-style fantasia is a depiction of the visual phenomena of the same name, in which a small, stationary point of light in an otherwise dark environment appears to move. Delay and looping effects are used to musically evoke this idea, adding depth and complexity to the clarinet’s sound while giving the illusion of multiple independent moving lines. Autokinesis was written for clarinet with effects pedals (specifically a Joyo D-Seed Dual Channel Digital Delay and a Bass RC-3 Loop Station), though live audio processing software may be used to achieve the same result. An optional 8vb effect is also notated in various sections for added depth. Additional effects may be used if the resulting sound remains similar to the composer’s intention.

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