Variations for Clarinet

Composer: Raum, Elizabeth
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Clarinet, Piano
Genre: Contemporary

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This set of variations was originally written for flute and piano and called Valentine Variations. It was a commission by Tom Schudel, a Regina, Saskatchewan composer, as a birthday present for his wife, flautist, Jane Schudel. For this reason, I felt it would be appropriate to write a theme and variations using as a theme part of a previously written work by Tom for Jane called Valentines.
Later I was asked to adapt this piece for several other instruments including the trumpet and clarinet. I dropped the word, “Valentines” from the title as that was specific to the sentiment of the version for flute.
The piece begins with a 22 measure prelude played by the piano before the first statement of the theme by the solo instrument. The statement is accompanied by the prelude and indeed, the two retain their delineation throughout with each part being a variation on itself thus creating a sort of double theme and variations although there are the occasional "borrowings” of material between the two.
The piece was premiered on a special CBC program given to honour "Women of Note" scheduled to be broadcast on "Women's Day." March 7, 1992 with Jane Schudel playing the solo.
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Variations for Clarinet
Variations for Clarinet

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