Composer: Hadden, John
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Euphonium, Piano
Genre: Contemporary

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with Piano

Too often compositions are written with a certain narrow-mindedness. Composers sometimes choose to write a piece for themselves, sometimes for an audience, and sometimes for the intended performer. "Turbo" takes a multifaceted approach in that the work is intended to satisfy my own compositional desires while providing an entertaining challenge for the performers and a thrill ride for the audience. 

 After the piano sets the tone for what will make up most of the piece, the solo euphonimist enters with long tones, leaping around in range and experimenting with timbre. After the personality of the piece is established, the soloist now explores the groundwork which the opening pianist has set. While exploring harmonic possibilities just slightly beyond the "norm," "Turbo" also experiments with several rhythmic complexities, adding up to an interesting piece for all involved. Following a cadenza composed through expanding prior themes, the euphonium and piano both finish with a vigorous coda that ends with an ultimate high B-flat.

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