Tuba Quartet No. 1 in c minor

Composer: Oliver, Jonathan
Instrumentation: Quartet Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba

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The inspiration for the quartet began with a short work named “The Seventh Degree” which was inspired by my daughter, Cadence, and her ability to question everything to its fullest extent. After the work received its premiere, I decided to create two more works that revolved around the other members of my family to complete this quartet. Movement 1, To Be Mischievous, was written about my young son, Andrew, who describes the title perfectly in his actions. Movement 2, To Be Loved, is a song that was written to my wife, Stephanie, to thank her for everything that she has meant to our family. The Seventh Degree was adapted into Movement 3, To Be Questioned, and still describes my daughter and her desire to know more and be curious about everything.

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Tuba Quartet No. 1 in c minor
Tuba Quartet No. 1 in c minor

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