Triptych for Solo Clarinet

Composer: Sterrett, David
Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: Clarinet
Genre: Contemporary

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TRIPTYCH FOR SOLO CLARINET by David M. Sterrett is in 3 movements unified by similar compositional elements and motifs, but contrast in style and character. The first movement (Scherzo) jokes and jabs with jagged lines and snapping gestures. The second (Fantasy) is the emotional centerpiece of the work and contrasts the snarky character of the Scherzo with gentle lyricism and a melancholy tone. The third movement (Waltz) follows with its own unique style, a flashy and energetic waltz, joyous and playful in character. The music eventually builds up to a sudden and dramatic recall of the Scherzo’s main theme, bringing the piece full circle, and then ends in a wild frenzy.
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Triptych for Solo Clarinet
Triptych for Solo Clarinet

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