Three Moods

Composer: Zugger, Thomas Instruments: Piano, Trombone, Trumpet
Genre: Contemporary

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Three Moods was composed in 2013 as a recital piece for undergraduate and graduate trombone and trumpet students. The inspiration for the work is the moods that I experience in the compositional process. The first movement is the beginning of the process. Intense thought, which is often times in small segments, is musically demonstrated through the passing of small motives to each of the three performers. The piano in this movement acts as a third solo instrument. The second movement portrays the emotion of nearing the conclusion of the process. I can see where the piece will end but cannot as yet “hear” it. I am on the brink but cannot quite see the finish line. The movement is a combination of a 12 tone row in both the trombone and trumpet parts set over a piano ostinato that is both haunting and powerful. The last movement is of course the thrill of completion and the first performance. A 16th note ascending line is the picture of the rising emotion of celebration. The middle of the movement employs two short fugues which propel it back to the A theme followed by a short coda at the conclusion. Enjoy!

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Three Moods
Three Moods

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