Three Episodes

Composer: Lester, Ian
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet Instruments: 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone and Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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Three Episodes for Brass Quintet is a three-movement work that utilizes the theme "Renewed, Reused, Recycledā€¯ in various ways. The first movement "Kaleidoscopic Fanfare" is organized into four parts, each one represents the various abstract shapes and colors that are transformed and manipulated with each twist of the kaleidoscope. The second movement "Daydream" is a brief departure from mundane life, where recurring fantasies and memories forever exist in the mind. The final movement "Evil in the Mist" is loosely inspired by films such as The Fog and The Mist. This movement begins where the first movement ended, journeying deeper into an ominous unknown. While there are brief upbeat moments of light and clarity, the movement ultimately ends still lost in the sinister mist.
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Three Episodes
Three Episodes

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