Three Dances

Composer: Zugger, Thomas
Instrumentation: Duet Instruments: Bassoon, Clarinet, Trombone
Genre: Contemporary

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In 3 movements : Jazz Waltz, Slow Dance, and Irish Jig. In this charming and entertaining work the composer envisions two people dancing with one another. The "lead" in each dance is shared in alternation between the two instrumentalists. The first movement, Jazz Waltz, is in ABA form with the middle section being a waltz in 4/4. The melody is introduced by the bassoon (or trombone) and is passed back and forth throughout. In the enchanting second movement, Slow Dance, the musical material undergoes continuous development with the equality of the parts being paramount. The energetic final movement, Irish Jig, opens with an intriguing mixed meter section which leads to the rousing jig. It concludes with an exciting and frenzied accelerando and fugue. This work is fun to perform and has a great audience appeal! The clarinet and trombone version is recorded on the CD Dances and Dreams [Mark Records 8290-MCD]
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Three Dances
Three Dances

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