There is a Season

Composer: Buss, Howard J.
Instrumentation: Solo and Percussion Instruments: Clarinet, Percussion
Genre: Contemporary

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The titles of the 2 movements, A Time of War, and A Time of Peace, as well as that of the larger work are derived from Ecclesiastes 3 in the Old Testament of the Bible. This striking work was written during the Second Iraq War is loosely programmatic. The 1st movement is tense and has militaristic character with dramatic proclamations culminating in an exciting solo passage for the percussion. The second movement begins with an atmosphere of apprehension that gives way to a spirited dance-like section. Eventually the sonic disposition becomes reflective, but during the clarinet cadenza the mood brightens and returns to the animated and joyous mood exhibited earlier in the movement.
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There is a Season
There is a Season

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