Composer: Zugger, Thomas
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Piano, Trumpet
Genre: Contemporary

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Sonata for Trumpet and Piano was composed in the summer of 2008 while teaching at the International Music Camp on the border of North Dakota and Manitoba at the International Peace Garden. It was written for my good friend and former colleague Dr. Jim Stokes, Professor of Trumpet at Appalachian State University.

The Peace Garden is thousands of acres full of woodlands, lakes and open meadows. Living in that setting had a direct influence on the Sonata. The first movement symbolizes beginnings, the sunrise and start of each day. The second movement is the serenity and yet power of water, both lakes and streams that are in abundance at the Peace Garden. The inspiration for the third movement was the animals, mammals, birds and insects (and there were plenty of them) who created a chorus of sounds as they moved about the acres. This natural setting created a life affirming backdrop for the composition, one I hope comes through the music to you as the performer.

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