Set Off

Composer: Liang, Wan-Yun
Instrumentation: Sextet Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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In Memory of our friend Tubabass Tzu-Ming Hsu Commissioned by EuTuba Euphonium and Tuba Ensemble.

This piece was commissioned by my close friend, Tubabass Tzu-Ming Hsu who was the member of EuTuba Euphonium and Tuba Ensemble and holds New Year's celebrations every year for Taiwanese bass and euphonium players. He told me that he would love to have a theme song for the New Year's event and we could play it every year. His enthusiasm for music and low brass group always touches me. Unfortunately, our friend left us before the premiere.

The first part of the piece begins with a powerful rhythm which means we have firm confidence and courage and ready to set off again. The opening section leads into a slow and touching melody which shows the charm of low brass.

I wrote this piece to encourage all the musicians and ensemble affected by the pandemic. Finally, I want to say to you in heaven, we will work hard to enforce your spirit and beliefs.

We will play this piece at New Year's events every year.

Wan-Yun Liang

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Set Off
Set Off

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