Shipped - Due Pezzi Perpetua

Composer: Kehlenbach, Brian
Instrumentation: Trio Instruments: Tuba
Genre: Contemporary
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The Due Pezzi Perpetua, or “Two Perpetual Pieces” for three tubas was composed for a consortium of commissioners from across the country organized by David Holben. The pieces are “perpetual” in the sense that both have a constant element that strives to lend an incessant nature to the themes.

The first piece is somewhat like a freely composed prelude. To set the foundation, a single drone tone is established at the beginning and it is heard continuously until the closing bar, not even wanting to expire at that point. Of course, a long drone tone is quite impossible on a single tuba, but writing for
three tubas allows an extended technique where the responsibility of sustaining the drone can be shared among the players.

The second piece presents the feeling of a rustic dance, almost like a rhythmic bourée with syncopation. The theme is long winded, and it quickly assumes a kind of endless contrapuntal nature. As the individual lines entangle and interact, they take on an interminable quality that must undergo
violent interruptions to stop the forward flow. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all contributing members of the consortium project who
generously lent their support to make this new tuba trio possible.