Passage to Eden

Composer: Buss, Howard J.
Instrumentation: Duet Instruments: Clarinet, French Horn, Piano
Genre: Contemporary

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This dramatic and colorful work is cast in 4 continuous movements. The mood of the first is of ominous significance, as if one was preparing to embark on an arduous journey. The music is lyrical, yet contains an undercurrent of tension and anticipation. The second movement is characterized by a contrapuntal dialogue between the clarinet and the horn over a driving ostinato in the piano. This section is hugely influenced by jazz. The lyrical and animated counterpoint sounding over the running bass line and chord punctuations in the keyboard gradually give way to a section of turbulence which serves as a transition to the relative calm of the following movement.The third movement, in 6/8 meter, has an easy flowing vitality. There is a silvery brilliance to the music with a hint of nostalgia. The interweaving melodic strands grow increasingly romantic in quality and then, quite suddenly, give way to a developmental passage which builds in intensity and expectation. The finale is spirited and jubilant in character. The atmosphere generated is one of a triumphant proclamation which grows increasingly exultant as the work culminates in a rousing coda.
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Passage to Eden
Passage to Eden

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