Orchestra - Duet - Solo and Percussion - 16 - 4

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  1. Forsaken Caverns

    Composer: Denham, Robert
    Instrumentation: Duet Instruments: Bass, Bassoon
    Genre: Contemporary
    This work was written at the request of Tina Carpenter (bassoon) and Nick Scales (bass), and was premiered by them in January of 2007. The original intent for the piece was to showcase as many different timbral possibilities for these instruments as possible, while still holding to a high level of artistic credibility. Its three movements, separated by cadenzas for each instrument, belie a rough adherence to the principles of sonata form in that the two themes so prominently displayed in the first movement provide the main material for the music of the third. The atmosphere is meant to evoke the naturally mournful sounds of long-forgotten caves. Learn More

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  2. Music from "Under Tennessee Skies"

    Composer: Various
    Instrumentation: Mixed Ensemble Instruments: Percussion, Piano, Tuba, Vibraphone
    Genre: Contemporary

    Music from the CD "Under Tennessee Skies" featuring Tubist Chris Combest.  

    All the music was written for Chris and was supported by an MTSU Faculty Creative Activities Grant

    Tennessee Journey (Tuba and Piano) - Barbara York

    Synchronous Fireflies (Tuba, Piano and optional Percussion - Evan Zegiel

    Under Tennessee Skies (unaccompanied Tuba) - Jamey Simmons

    Broken Echoes (unaccompanied Tuba) - Brad Baumgardener

    Becoming (Tuba and Vibraphone) - Brian Mueller

    Nashville Nightlife (Tuba, Percussion and Piano) - Paul Osterfield


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  3. Three Sketches

    Composer: Lester, Ian
    Instrumentation: Trio Instruments: Euphonium, Piano, Tuba
    Genre: Contemporary
    with Piano Three Sketches for Euphonium, Tuba, and Piano was written for the Conviviality Trio based out of Ann Arbor, MI. Non-programmatic and serious in nature, the work is divided into three distinct movements that feature all instruments prominently. The first movement begins mysteriously, struggling to find balance between joy and sorrow. The tension builds harmonically and dynamically into a brief yet powerful fast section. After a reprise of the original material, the piano rips into rapid octave jumps which begins the "Aggressively" section, which puts the technical abilities of all three performers on full display. The movement ends with the original material making one last return. The second movement begins with a slow, jazzy noir-like atmosphere set by the pianist before the tuba and euphonium enter, echoing each other throughout. A solo section follows, emphasizing the low register and the lyrical capabilities of the euphonium. The movement ends with a hypnotic back-and-forth progression between the three performers that diminishes to nothingness. The last movement again puts the technical capabilities of the performers on display. Beginning with several mixed-meter runs, the movement evolves into a tour de force finale that includes long, rapid runs in the piano and tuba and euphonium melodies in fourths. Learn More

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