Mephisto Masque

Composer: Dédé, Edmond Arranger: Werden, David
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Euphonium, Piano
Genre: Romantic, Virtuosic

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Edmond Dédé (1827-1903) was a free-born black from New Orleans. He was a noted violinist and composer. Finding life hard in the mid-1800's for a black musician, he moved to Mexico and then ultimately to France. He composed "Mephisto Masque" in the 1860's. It was written for ophicleide and orchestra - today our closest modern solo instrument would be the euphonium.

This arrangement was done for euphonium (or ophicleide) with piano accompaniment. Mr. Werden wrote the piano accompaniment by combining elements from Dédé's orchestral accompaniment and his solo piano version. It consists of a haunting opening section, a lively polka, and an energetic coda. The arrangement's goal is to make this fine piece by an American-born black composer available for convenient performance in recitals.
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Mephisto Masque
Mephisto Masque

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