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  1. A House of Prayer

    Composer: York, Barbara
    Instrumentation: Ensemble Instruments: Cello, Choir, English Horn, French Horn, Piano
    Genre: Contemporary
    Horn or English Horn or Cello, Baritone, SATB and Piano Learn More

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  2. Concerto for Bass Clarinet

    Composer: Bowyer, Don
    Instrumentation: Solo and String orchestra Instruments: Bass, Bass Clarinet, Cello, Viola, Violin
    Genre: Contemporary
    with Strings (2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Bass) Learn More

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  3. Graham Trio

    Composer: Balentine, Scott
    Instrumentation: Trio Instruments: Cello, Clarinet, Piano
    Genre: Contemporary
    Clarinet, Cello, and Piano: 1. Openng 2. Cadenza 3. Tranquil Learn More

    As low as $18.00

  4. Partita

    Composer: Bach, Jan
    Instrumentation: Trio Instruments: Cello, Flute, Harpsicord
    Genre: Contemporary
    Flute, Harpsichord and Cello Learn More

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  5. Sonata Da Chiesa No. 1

    Composer: Nelhybel, Vaclav
    Instrumentation: Solo and Organ Instruments: Cello, Flute, Oboe, Organ, Viola, Violin
    Genre: Contemporary
    Violin, Flute, Oboe, Viola or Cello solo with Organ Learn More

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  6. Still Waters Running Deep

    Composer: York, Barbara
    Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Cello, Piano
    Genre: Contemporary
    with Piano Learn More

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  7. Theater Piece

    Composer: Bachelder, Daniel
    Instrumentation: Trio Instruments: Cello, Euphonium, Vibraphone
    Genre: Contemporary
    Euph, Vibraphone and Cello Learn More

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  8. Waiting for the Wisemen

    Composer: York, Barbara
    Instrumentation: Mixed Ensemble Instruments: Cello, Choir, Clarinet, Flute, French Horn, Oboe, Percussion, Viola, Violin
    Genre: Contemporary

    Written in 2019 for the choir of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Pittsburg KS Carol Cook, Director


    Learn More

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