In Suspension

Composer: Liang, Wan-Yun
Instrumentation: Quartet Instruments: Euphonium
Genre: Contemporary

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For four Euphoniums, the music begins with an Andante con misterioso. The first theme is played by the second Euphonium, and the third Euphonium plays the accompaniment with a wave-like undulating figure. The second section is marked Allegro in 12/8, and the fast-sounding groups alternate with each other with more wave-like undulations. The third part is marked Adagio and allows the Euphoniums to express themselves with a lyrical melody which gradually adds counterpoint and rhythmic figures. This enrichment of the the music texture then leads the performers back to the second theme (Allegro) and the exciting conclusion to "In Suspension"!

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In Suspension
In Suspension

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