Frøydis Favorite Prunes (volume 2)

Composer: Various
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: French Horn, Piano
Genre: Classical

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with Piano; A collection of artistic short pieces:

I. Spring Song – Felix Mendelssohn
II. Perpetuum Mobile Cesar Cui
III. Melody – E. Rozanov
IV. Après un Rêve – Gabriel Fauré
V. Salterello – J.D. Artot
VI. Georgian Dance – S. Tsintsadse
VII. Andante – Felix Mendelssohn

These have been some of Frøydis' favorite encore and recital pieces for many years. True classics. Some original works, some transcriptions. In Norway, the word "sviske" - which literally means "prune" - has a double meaning especially known among musicians. It also means a relatively short piece of music which is already well known, or is so easy to adapt that most people will have a sort of familiar feeling with the piece after only one hearing.

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Frøydis Favorite Prunes (volume 2)
Frøydis Favorite Prunes (volume 2)

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