Four Psalms

Composer: Liang, Wan-Yun
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Piano, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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with Piano

This suite contains four movements that describe the special characteristics of a year’s four seasons. After reading poetry about nature and the changing seasons, the composer brought the poems to life through her music.

I. Autumn: The long and lyrical melody played by the soloist is accompanied by a repeated pattern from the piano. This symbolizes the dropping and rustling of the leaves from the wind in autumn. 

II. Winter: The intense and fast passages, played by both the soloist and pianist, depict a fierce wind sweeping in the cold winter.

III. Spring: A warm, relaxing melody on top of a pastoral rhythmic pattern proclaims a new season is arriving. In the middle section of this movement, both players imitate singing birds. Although the melody is soft and warm, we can hear contrasting emotional changes that reflect the unstable weather in spring time. 

IV. Summer: Passion, energy, and activity are all prevalent in summer. The composer uses a tango style to portray these concepts. The second main melody gives the image of a fireworks show in the summer night.  





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Four Psalms
Four Psalms

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