Composer: Hadden, John
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Piano, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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with Piano (also available with String Ensemble accompaniment);

Concertino was written during the same time I was finishing Pirate Memories which is a work for Solo Tuba and Wind Ensemble. This work explores a different soundscape for the tuba, taking advantage of the ensemble that Koetsier and Plog have so expertly utilized: solo tuba and string orchestra. Like their works, Concertino has an effective piano reduction; however, the work truly shines with the utilization of the strings.

Although there are no extended techniques, the different timbres between arco and pizzicato, basses up to violins, and strings to tuba create a unique sound that audience members are not graced with often enough. There is an extraordinary blend between the majestic bass tuba sound and this 5-part scoring for strings. Although the piece has its moments of comedic intrigue, all 3 movements are written with the intention of grabbing serious attention from the performer as well as the listener. Especially in the fast paced and technically challenging final movement, the soloist has the opportunity to combine artistic quality with their most impressive mechanical abilities.

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