Intermediate Tuba Studies

Composer: Paff, John
Instrumentation: Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes Instruments: Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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40 Studies in various keys, meters and styles

Intermediate Tuba Studies was written with the developing tuba student in mind. It is intended to bridge the gap between solid initial instruction and more advanced methods by providing sequenced material, including some instruction to help with understanding the introduced concepts. Additionally, it will help with becoming more familiar with a variety of key signatures and help develop a player’s range. The etudes are also intended to be interesting to the player and interesting for the listener.

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Intermediate Tuba Studies
Intermediate Tuba Studies

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    Key Signature, Meter and Etude concentration:

    1.Bb Major, 4/4, Adagio, Arpeggios

    2.Ab Major, 3/4, Smoothly, Legato

    3.F Major, 4/4, Staccato

    4.Eb Major, 4/4, Precisely, Dotted eighth and sixteenth rhythms

    5.C minor, 4/4, Moderato, Syncopation

    6.F minor, 3/4, Not too fast, Dynamics

    7.C Major, 3/4, Moderato, Chromatic

    8.Bb Major, 6/8, With motion, Compound meter

    9.D minor, 4/4, Fanfare

    10.C Major, 3/4, Allegro, C Major study

    11.Eb Major, 2/4, Slow Ragtime, Syncopation

    12.E minor, 3/4, Waltz, E minor study

    13.F Major, 4/4, Andante, Low range

    14.G Major, 4/4, Not too fast, Sixteenth notes

    15.Ab Major, 3/4, Leisurely, Triplets

    16.c minor, 4/4, Jazz Eighth notes

    17.D Major, 4/4, Moderato, D Major study

    18.F minor, 3/4, Flowingly, Major/minor

    19.Bb Major, 4/4, Larghetto, Octaves and other intervals

    20.A minor, 3/4, Mazurka

    21.A Major, 4/4, Carefully, A Major study

    22.C Major, 4/4, Fourths

    23.Eb Major, 5/4, Moderato, 5/4 study

    24.C minor, 4/4, Allegro, Dynamics

    25.B minor, 6/8, With Motion, 6/8 rhythms

    26.D minor, 4/4, Dramatically, Articulation and dynamics

    27.Bb Major, 4/4, Andante, Range

    28.F Major, 7/8, Rhythmically, 7/8 study

    29.E Major, 4/4, Larghetto, E Major study

    30.Ab Major, 3/4, Heroically, Dotted eighth & sixteenth/triplets

    31.F minor, 4/4, March

    32.D Major, 4/4, Andante, Articulation

    33.B minor, 3/4, Allegro, Waltz

    34.G Major, 4/4, Moderato, Quarter note triplets

    35.E minor, 4/4, Syncopation

    36.Db Major, 6/8, Unhurried, Db Major study

    37.Bb minor, 4/4, Tango, Syncopation/ triplets

    38.C Major, 4/4, Galop, articulation/ facility

    39.A minor, Allegro, Mixed meters

    40.F Major, 4/4, Moderato, Facility

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    Composer Paff, John
    Instrument Tuba
    Instrumentation Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes
    Genre Contemporary
    Grade 3
    Publisher Cimarron Music Press
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