40 Advanced Tuba Studies, Vol. 2

Composer: Paff, John
Instrumentation: Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes Instruments: Tuba
Genre: Etude/method

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40 Studies in various keys, meters and styles. This is the companion book to CM2114. It is harder and more challenging.
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40 Advanced Tuba Studies, Vol. 2
40 Advanced Tuba Studies, Vol. 2

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    Key Signature, Meter and Etude concentration:

    41.C Major, 4/4, Moderato, Arpeggios

    42.D Major, 4/4, Heroically, Flexibility

    43.G Major, 4/4 Sevenths

    44.G Major, 4/4, Larghetto, Slurred thirty-second notes

    45.C Major, 9/8, Moderato, Chromatics

    46.Eb Major, 4/4, Ragtime Rhythms

    47.E Major, 3/4, Andante, Rhythms and Articulations

    48.Bb minor, 6/8, Moderato, Compound Rhythms

    49.f minor, 4/4, Jazz Eight Notes

    50.E Major, 5/4, Allegro, Meter Study

    51.e minor, 4/4, Dramatically, Slurred Thirty-seconds and Intervals

    52.D Major, 4/4, Allegro, Tonguing

    53.g minor, 3/4, Allegro, Fifths

    54.F Major, 4/4, Dynamic and Rhythmic Differences

    55.No key signature, 6/8, Andante, Whole Tone Study

    56.b minor, 3/4, Mazurka

    57.g minor, 4/4, Staccato Rhythm Study

    58.C Major, 4/4, Triplets and Duple Rhythms

    59.d minor, 7/8, Allegro, Meter Study

    60.A Major, 3/4, Allegro, Slurred Sixteenths and Other Rhythms

    61.Bb Major, 4/4, Moderato, Syncopation

    62.Bb Minor, 4/4, Declaratively, Dynamic Contrast

    63.B Major, 3/4, Allegretto, Sixteenth Note Intervals

    64.Ab Major, 3/4, Moderato, Triplets

    65.Db Major, 2/4, Polka

    66.b minor, 3/4, Mysteriously, Contrast of Low and High Registers

    67.F# Major, 9/8, Lightly, Waltz in 6 Sharps

    68.Eb Minor, 7/8, Allegro, 6 Flats Study

    69.C# Major, 2/4, Lively, 6 Sharps Study

    70.Cb Major, 6/8, Liltingly, 7 Flats Study

    71.Ab minor, 3/4 Moderato, 7 Flats Minor Study

    72.A# Minor, 4/4, Andante, 7 Sharps Minor Study

    73.E Major, 3/4, Waltz

    74.C# Minor, 4/4, Moderato, Syncopation

    75.A Major, 4/4, Fanfare, Triple Tonguing

    76.D Major, 2/4, March

    77.C# minor, 6/8, Moderato, Triplets and Duplets

    78.Bb Minor, 3/4, Presto, Low Range Study

    79.C Major, 4/4, Heroically, Triple Tonguing

    80.A Major, 4/4, Galop, Double Tonguing

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    Composer Paff, John
    Instrument Tuba
    Instrumentation Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes
    Genre Etude/method
    Grade 4
    Publisher Cimarron Music Press
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