Quartetto Di Notte

Composer: Cross, Steven
Instrumentation: Quartet Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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For Tuba Quartet (EETT), "Quartetto Di Notte" is a one-movement work in the traditional sonata-allegro form with a slow introduction. I originally planned to make this a multi-movement work, but felt the first movement could stand very nicely on its own. The first three notes of the intro forms the motif on which the entire work is based. With the leading tone tendencies of the second note of the motif, this introduction, styled like a fugue, modulates constantly. Ever tonal in its construction, it travels through many keys, starting in C Minor, and at its most extreme point, B Major, before ending up in G Minor. A held G7 chord brings us to the exposition, which also begins in C Minor. The exposition begins with more development of the initial three-note motif, along with two new motifs, two eighth notes and a quarter note; and a quarter, four eights and another quarter note. These permeate the first theme until we change to the key of G Major where a new, more lyrical theme appears. This is played at first, with a simple bass line, but on its repeat, is accompanied by two countermelodies. The development section offers more motivic development, and then at letter G, we have a contrapuntal segment where all of the rhythmic themes are woven together. This brings us to a chorale-like portion where the second theme is developed more fully. The recap ensues, but now we are in the key of Eb Minor. The second theme reappears in the key of Bb Major and a new countermelody to this makes its appearance. After a short pause, we enter into the rousing coda where the piece finishes off in the sprightly key of Eb Major utilizing all of the pieces premier motifs.

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Quartetto Di Notte
Quartetto Di Notte

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    Composer Cross, Steven
    Instrument Euphonium, Tuba
    Instrumentation Quartet
    Genre Contemporary
    Grade 4
    Publisher Cimarron Music Press
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