40 Advanced Tuba Studies

Composer: Paff, John
Instrumentation: Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes Instruments: Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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40 Studies in various keys, meters and styles
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40 Advanced Tuba Studies
40 Advanced Tuba Studies

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    Key Signature, Meter and Etude concentration:


    1.Bb Major, 4/4, Moderato, Arpeggios 

    2.G minor, 3/4, Smoothly, Triple meter, legato

    3.F Major, Allegretto  6/8 rhythms

    4.D minor, 4/4, Mysterioso. dotted eighth and sixteenth rhythms

    5.C Major, 4/4, Andante, espressivo

    6.A minor, 2/4, Ragtime rhythms

    7.G Major/minor, 4/4, Fanfare style, eight and two sixteenths

    8.G Major, 4/4, Smoothly, Eight note slurs

    9.E minor, 4/4, Jazz eight notes

    10.Eb Major, 2/4, Andantino, staccato eights and sixteenths

    11.C minor, 3/4, Adagio, slurred sixteenths and eighth notes

    12.Ab Major, 4/4, Separated, syncopation with rests

    13.F minor, 4/4, Eighth note triplets mixed with regular eighth notes

    14.D Major, 4/4, Scale-wise sixteenth and eighth notes

    15.B minor, 3/4, Mazurka, Dotted eighth and sixteenths

    16.A Major, 6/8, Smooth sixteenth and eighth notes

    17.C minor, 3/4, Waltz

    18.Bb Major, 4/4, Tritones and Sevenths

    19.G minor, 4/4, Tango

    20.F Major, 3/4, Legato

    21.D minor, 4/4, Syncopation continuously off the beat

    22.C Major, 5/4, Meter study 

    23.Atonal: 4/4, 12 tone

    24.G Major, 4/4, slurred sixteenths

    25.E minor, 7/8, Meter study 

    26.D Major, 2/4, eighths and sixteenths

    27.Ab Major, 4/4, Fourths

    28.Db Major, Cut time, Samba

    29.Bb minor, 4/4, Largo, dotted eighths and sixteenths

    30.E Major, 6/8, Legato eighths and sixteenths

    31.C# minor, 4/4, Staccato eighth notes

    32.Gb Major, 4/4, Mixed rhythms

    33.Eb minor, 4/4, Largo, Esspresivo

    34.D Major, 4/4, Sixteenth note triplets

    35.E minor, 4/4, Continuous slurred sixteenths

    36.F Major, 4/4, Galop, technique

    37.D minor, 4/4, Larghetto, Thirty-second notes

    38.C Major, 4/4, March

    39.G Major, Mixed meters, Lively

    40.D Major, 4/4, Moderato, four levels of triplets

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    Composer Paff, John
    Instrument Tuba
    Instrumentation Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes
    Genre Contemporary
    Grade 4
    Publisher Cimarron Music Press
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