Four Seasons

Composer: Vivaldi, A Arranger: Wallace, Robert
Instrumentation: Quartet Instruments: Trumpet
Genre: Baroque

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A compact version of the "Four Seasons" for Trumpet Quartet.
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Four Seasons
Four Seasons

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    "Concerto No. 1 in E major, Op. 8, RV 269, 'La primavera'" 



    3.Allegro Pastorale 


    1.Spring has come and joyfully the birds greet it with happy song, and the brooks, while the streams flow along with 

           gentle murmur as the zephyrs blow. There come, shrouding the air with a black cloak, lighting and thunder chosen 

           to herald [the storm]; then, when these are silent, the little birds return to their melodious incantations. 

    2.And now, in the pleasant, flowery meadow, to the soft murmur of leaves and plants, the goatherd sleeps with his 

           faithful dog at his side. 

    3.To the festive sound of a pastoral bagpipe, nymphs and shepherds dance under their beloved roof, greeting the 

           glittering arrival of the spring.




    "Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, 'L'estate'"

    1.Allegro non molto 

    2.Adagio e piano 

    3.Presto e forte


    1.In the harsh season scorched by the sun, man and flock languish, and the pine is on fire; the cuckoo begins to call and 

           soon after, the turtledove and the goldfinch are heard singing. Zephyr [the west wind] gently blows, but Boreas [the 

           north wind] suddenly enters into a contest with its neighbor, and the little shepherd weeps for he hears the awesome 

           threatening storm and his fate. 

    2.To his tired limbs rest is denied by the fear of lightning, awesome thunder, and the furious swarm of flies and hornets! 

    3.Alas, his fears are justified. The sky is filled with thunder and lightning and hail cuts down the proud grain.




    "Concerto No. 3 in F major, Op. 8, RV 293, 'L'autunno'" 


    2.Adagio molto 



    1.The peasant celebrates the pleasure of the happy harvest with dances and songs; and inflamed by the liquor of 

           Bacchus, many end their rejoicing with sleep. 

    2.The mild pleasant air makes all abandon dance and song; this is the season that invites all to the sweet delights 

           of peaceful sleep. 

    3.The hunters, at the break of dawn, set forth with horns, guns, and hounds. The animal flees, and they follow its 

           tracks. Already frightened and tired by the great noise of guns and hounds, the wounded animal makes a weak 

           attempt at fleeing, but is overcome and dies.




    "Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, 'L'inverno'"  

    1.Allegro non molto 




    1.Trembling with cold amidst the freezing snow, while a frightful wind harshly blows, running and stamping one's 

           feet every minute, and feeling one's teeth chatter from the extreme cold; 

    2.Spending quiet contented days by the fire while the rain outside drenches people by the hundreds; 

    3.Walking on ice, and moving cautiously, with slow steps, for fear of falling, spinning around, slipping, falling down,

           again walking on ice and running fast until the ice cracks and splits; hearing Sirocco, Boreas, and all the winds at 

           war burst forth from the bolted doors - this is winter, but it also brings joy!

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    Composer Vivaldi, A
    Arranger Wallace, Robert
    Instrument Trumpet
    Instrumentation Quartet
    Genre Baroque
    Grade 3
    Publisher Cimarron Music Press
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