Greencastle 1967

Composer: Volkmann, Rudy
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet Instruments: 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone and Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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It’s fun to play, and audiences like it. The Savannah River Brassworks usually uses at least one of the movements in nearly all of our performances.

Greencastle 1967 was my first composition as a Masters student at DePauw University in January of that year. I had recently become enamored with quartal harmony and had a fantastic group of fellow-brass players for whom to write (“you write it, we’ll play it,” was their attitude).

The other chief influence on the piece is my love of counterpoint which is evident in all four movements.

The form follows a classical 19th-century sonata-allegro chamber piece with modern harmonies and is in four movements.

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Greencastle 1967
Greencastle 1967

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