Café for piano

Composer: Douyon, Marc
Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: Piano
Genre: Contemporary

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CAFÉ for solo piano by Marc Douyon is based on the Haitian folk tune “Manmam voyém pézé café.” The main theme quotes this folk melody, which is then developed with various compositional techniques. Original secondary themes and motives by the composer are an integral part of the colorful musical tapestry as well. Café is divided into two main parts, the Prelude and the Dance. This work begins with lyrical melodic fragments over a light chordal accompaniment. A recitative follows with a theme, which is also lyrical in nature. But, soon after, that same theme from the recitative takes on a happier character in a waltz accompanied by a walking bass. There, syncopated rhythm, sequences, chromatic harmony, and refrain-like passages take the dance to new heights until the end.
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Café for piano
Café for piano

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