Cadenzas and Interludes #1

Composer: Buss, Howard J.
Instrumentation: Duet Instruments: Alto Sax, Violin
Genre: Contemporary

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Violin and Alto Saxophone

Cadenzas and Interludes #1 "Memories from the Isle of Mull" was composed by Howard J. Buss and dedicated to Drs. Rachael and Stephen Fischer. It was inspired by the composer’s visit to the picturesque Isle of Mull in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. Particularly memorable was a Saturday night Cèilidh* in the island’s capital, Tobermory, which included traditional music from the area. The Scottish musical influences are not direct in Cadenzas and Interludes #1; rather, their spirit is blended with Buss’s style of soaring lyricism with a modern bent.

*Pronounced, Kay-lee. In Gaelic, a Cèilidh is a social gathering featuring music, storytelling, and dance.

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Cadenzas and Interludes #1
Cadenzas and Interludes #1

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