3 Medieval Pieces

Composer: Various Arranger: Zilincik, Tony
Instrumentation: Quartet Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba

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1. Kyrie - Plainchant

2. Cantiones Duarum Vocum - Lassus

3. Missa Dies Sanctificatus (Kyrie) - Palestrina

These three pieces were arranged for "Capital Thunder", the tuba/euphonium ensemble at Capital University.  While the initial intent was to create practical arrangements for teaching, the pieces work equally well in the concert hall.   The first movement is a plainchant Kyrie with the voices paired in octaves and unisons with each voice getting the chance to play with each other. It is a vehicle for working on intonation, but also captures the mysterious essence of Gregorian chant.  The arrangement is true to the traditional call and response nature of the Kyrie.  The second movement is a two-voice piece, again arranged so that all voices change pairings throughout.  The third movement is a true four-voice setting with total independence for all parts.

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3 Medieval Pieces
3 Medieval Pieces

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