12 Easy Duets for Tuba

Composer: Paff, John
Instrumentation: Duet Instruments: Tuba
Genre: Contemporary

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12 Easy Duets for Tuba is designed with young or inexperienced players in mind who may have limited or no previous experience with duets or chamber music. Rhythms, ranges and key signatures are limited in order to accommodate the player in adjusting to the concept of playing in harmony, as well as developing mutual cooperation necessary in playing a duet. The selections are in a variety of styles, while avoiding faster tempos that could add difficulty without benefit. While written to help instruct, the duets are intended to be performable. A young player can feel a great sense of accomplishment when performing a new (to the player) kind of music, and duets can feel more “safe” than a solo to a young performer. Enjoy the fun of playing duets!
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12 Easy Duets for Tuba
12 Easy Duets for Tuba

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