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  1. Alien Loop de Loops

    Composer: Buss, Howard J.
    Instrumentation: Solo and Electronics Instruments: Electronics, French Horn
    Genre: Contemporary
    ALIEN LOOP DE LOOPS for solo instrument and electronic recording by Howard J. Buss is a playful and capricious fantasy piece designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences. The title refers to both programmatic and technical elements in the composition. The composer envisioned a performer outside in an open area during an air show by an alien craft. During the opening section he/she is playing unaccompanied, but then is joined by the recording which contains sounds generated by traditional instruments as well as an "alien" voice, the spacecraft, and various electronic effects. Technically, the title refers to how the recording was made. It consists of numerous sound loops combined to form an imaginative and picturesque sonic tapestry. The publication includes the sheet music and a CD (attached to the inside of the back cover) that contains a performance track and the accompaniment track. Learn More

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  2. Csardas

    Composer: Monti, Vittorio Arranger: Hauser, Josh
    Instrumentation: Brass Quintet Instruments: 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone and Tuba
    Genre: Entertainment

    Arranged for brass quintet, this version features the horn player as the soloist

    this set comes in two keys:  d minor and c minor

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  3. Erste Fantasie

    Composer: Czerny, Carl Arranger: Ruske, Eric
    Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: French Horn
    with Piano Learn More

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  4. Le Rendez-vous de Chasse

    Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino Arranger: Baumann, Hermann
    Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: French Horn
    Genre: Classical
    Unaccompanied; Excellent solo horn piece for valve horn or natural horn. A short brilliant piece for horn solo. The cadenza surprises the listeners with stopped passages and the use of double stops, which the legendary Giovanni Punto liked to play to show off is his cadenzas. Learn More

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  5. On the Stroke of Midnight

    Composer: Buss, Howard J.
    Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: French Horn
    Genre: Contemporary
    "On the Stroke of Midnight" for solo horn by Howard J. Buss traverses a wide variety of atmospheres, from ranging from gentle, mysterious passages, to intense and powerful exclamations. Throughout there is a sense of mysticism, as if an incantation is taking place around the arrival of midnight. Various extended techniques enhance the traditional horn sound, such as stopped effects, simultaneous singing and playing, flutter tonguing, growling, etc. It may be performed as traditional concert piece, a theatre piece or as an hour-specific piece actually performed at midnight for the fun of it by oneself, or with a group of people. Learn More

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  6. Partita in A minor, BMV 1013

    Composer: Bach, Johan Sebastian Arranger: Ruske, Eric
    Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: French Horn
    Genre: Baroque
    Unaccompanied; as recorded on "Just Me & My Horn" for the Albany Records label Learn More

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  7. Shipped - Four Charactristic Studies

    Composer: Jeurissen, Herman
    Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: French Horn

    Unaccompanied; Four Movements: Dance of the CapriCORns; A Beautiful Whitsunday; Viennese Waltz; Dance of the HORNets

    More than studies, they could stand alone on a recital. The book is written in different styles: pastoral, scherzo, waltz, ending with a dance. The type of writing is mostly modal sometimes atonal. There are some bar changes.

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  8. Shipped - Hor-Izo-N

    Composer: Ferro
    Instrumentation: Solo Instruments: French Horn
    Genre: Contemporary
    with electronic accompaniment Learn More
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