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  1. Beautiful Journey

    Composer: Liang, Wan-Yun
    Instrumentation: Sextet Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba
    Genre: Contemporary

    This work is a tribute to the prominent contemporary composer Barbara York. The work was commissioned by Cimarron Music Press and the instructions were it has to be fun, quirky, and also contain beautiful melodies.

    The piece begins with a prelude which pays homage to the various styles in Barbara’s compositions. After the prelude, the music contains quotes from Barbara’s various works and includes “How Beautiful”, “Quirky” from “Personalities”, “Through the Tunnel”, “Arioso Gloria” and ends with “Every Day an Alleluia”.

    I humbly hope that when the music is played it evokes the emotional character of Barbara’s music and allows us to celebrate her life and contributions to the low brass community.

    Wan-Yun Liang (2020)

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  2. Downloadable - Planet X

    Composer: Hightower, Matt
    Instrumentation: Octet Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba
    Genre: Contemporary
    4 Euphoniums and 4 Tubas Learn More
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  3. Dracula

    Composer: Peacock, Curtis
    Instrumentation: Solo and Tuba Quartet Instruments: Drum Set, Euphonium, Piano
    Genre: Contemporary

    Solo Euphonium with Tuba Quartet (EETT) and Drums

    Dracula for solo euphonium, tuba-euphonium quartet and drums was
    commissioned by Benedict Kirby and the University of Montana for the 2014 Northern
    Rockies Tuba Euphonium Festival. Demondrae Thurman was the guest artist of the
    festival. So Dr. Kirby asked me to write a five-minute piece for the end of Demondrae’s
    recital. I started with the idea that this would be a sort of finale or encore type of piece. I
    wanted it to be a high energy closer. Early on, I envisioned something like The Edgar
    Winter Group’s 1972 rock classic, Frankenstein. I did not do any sort of technical
    analysis of Frankenstein, though, nor did I quote Frankenstein in any way. Rather, I tried
    to capture the general character of Frankenstein. So this piece is like Frankenstein, but it
    is not Frankenstein. That’s why it is DRACULA!

    Dracula is in my usual Third-Stream style. Jazz, rock, hip-hop and many kinds
    of classical styles come together in Dracula, but this particular composition draws most
    heavily on the style of rock music. It contains some improvisation, but the improvisation
    is largely limited to the drum part. The original composition did not include any
    improvisation in the solo euphonium part, but Demondrae suggested that I add one. So I
    added an optional improvised solo section for this edition. I utilized a few new techniques
    in this piece, but the most notable new technique is an indication that calls for the
    euphonium soloist to hype the audience. I envision the euphonium soloist playing the
    role of the lead singer or front man for a heavy metal band of brass and drums. As the
    front man, the solo euphonium soloist’s role involves more than just playing music. It
    also involves making sure that everyone has a good time. Demondrae lit up the stage up
    with his awesome dance moves at the premiere! I encourage other performers to wear
    vampire costumes or rock star outfits and have fun with the theatrical aspect of this piece.

    Curtis Peacock 

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  4. Prayer

    Composer: Buss, Howard J.
    Instrumentation: Ensemble Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba
    Genre: Contemporary
    "This beautiful, meditative work is designed to be performed in a concert venue or as a musical offering in a house of worship. Its reverent quality is enhanced by the rich sonority and organ-like quality of the large tuba-euphonium ensemble. The musical language of Prayer is sophisticated, yet audience-friendly. It begins with a lyrical 12-tone melody that is symbolic of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The dodecaphonic reference also relates to the instrumentation: From the pickup to measure 70 to the end, the twelve pitches of the opening melody are presented with each player assigned to one pitch. When performing this closing passage it is important that the 12 players shape the 12 separate pitches into one lyrical melody (as it was presented at the beginning of the piece by player one). This composition is accessible to amateur and high school-level players. " Learn More

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  5. Variations on The New World Symphony

    Composer: Dvorak, Antonin Arranger: Woodward, James
    Instrumentation: Solo and Tuba Ensemble Instruments: Euphonium, Tuba
    Genre: Romantic
    3 Euphs and 3 Tubas; Based on the 2nd Mvnt or the "New World Symphony" By: Antonin Dvorak/Taken from the choral arrangement by William Arms Fisher Learn More

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