19th Century Melodies

Composer: Jacobs and Laville Arranger: Various
Instrumentation: Solo and Piano Instruments: Piano, Tuba
Genre: Classical

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with Piano

I. Lights far out at Sea - Gatty
II. Down Deep within the Cellar - Fischer
III. The Water Mill - Diehl
IV. Unforgiven Days - Roeckel
V. By the Sea - Schubert
VI. Romance - Rubinstein
VII. The Pilot - Nelson
VIII. Tom Bowling - Debdin
IX. Minstrel's Song - Nicolai
X. Come brave the sea - Bellini
XI. Oh, My home - Abt
XII. The Melodies of Many Lands - Glover
XIII. The Fairy Jane - Marzials
XIV. The Harmonious Blacksmith - Handel
XV - See, The Conquering Hero comes - Handel
XVI. Faith -Glover
XVII. The Hour of Prayer - Nelson
XVIII. Peace of Mind - Sponholtz
XIX. Dear old Songs of Home - Abt
XX. On Wings of Song - Mendelssohn

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19th Century Melodies
19th Century Melodies

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