French Horn Recordings

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Cimarron Music offers a variety of recorded music to help students prepare for contests. All music is on CD and includes a full recording with solo and accompaniment, a recording with accompaniment only, and a tuning track.

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Qty   Title Price
Contest Recording: FrHn.-1     17.95
Contest Recording: FrHn.-2     17.95
Contest Recording: FrHn.-3     17.95
Contest Recording: FrHn.-4     17.95
Contest Recording: FrHn.-5     17.95
Contest Recording: FrHn.-6     17.95
French Horn Samples:  solo with piano,  accompaniment only.
Instrument Vol. Track(s) Title Dur. Composer Publisher
French Horn FrHn.-1 3 Horn Quintet - Allegro 4:36  Mozart Belwin Mills
French Horn FrHn.-1 5 Sonata 6:11  Beethoven CB
French Horn FrHn.-1 7 Concerto No. 3 in Eb (Movts. 1&3) 11:04  Mozart Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-1 9 Concerto No. 1 in D Major (Movt. 2) 4:09  Mozart Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-1 11 Concerto No. 2 in Eb (Movts. 1&3) 11:16  Mozart Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-2 3 Concerto No. 4 in Eb (Movt. 3) 4:07  Mozart Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-2 5 Concert Rondo 5:35  Mozart Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-2 7 Concerto No. 8 (Movt. 1) 4:31  Strauss Rem
French Horn FrHn.-2 9 Concerto Op. 11 (Movt. 1) 4:20  Strauss Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-2 11 Morceau de Concert (Movt. 11) 3:36  Saint-Saens Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-2 13 Andante Cantabile 4:51  Tschaikowsky Carl Fisher
French Horn FrHn.-2 15 Concerto No. 4 (Movt. 2) 3:56  Mozart Southern Music
French Horn FrHn.-2 17 Nocturne (Voxman Book) 5:48  Mendelssohn Rubank
French Horn FrHn.-3 2 Suite from Variations on theme of Tartini for Violin 2:09  A. Corelli Medici
French Horn FrHn.-3 4 Musette (Anna Magdalina) 2:26  J. S. Bach Medici
French Horn FrHn.-3 6 Autumn Dream 3:18  Lotzenhiser Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-3 8 Hornpiper's Dance 2:48  Forsberg/Johnson Medici
French Horn FrHn.-3 10 Canzona 3:34  Bakaleinkoff Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-3 12 Andromeda Serenade 3:29  L. Beethoven Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-3 14 To Spring 3:48  Grieg / Smith Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-4 May Song, Op. 52, No. 4   Beethoven
French Horn FrHn.-4 Kemp's Gig   Dishinger
French Horn FrHn.-4 Melodies from "Der Freischutz"   Weber
French Horn FrHn.-4 Gavotte, from Sym. No. 4   Wm. Boyce
French Horn FrHn.-4 Minuet and Trio from "Water Music"   Handel
French Horn FrHn.-4 Saltarello   Attaignant
French Horn FrHn.-4 Gavotte and Rondeau   Lully
French Horn FrHn.-5 Presto from "Divertimento No. 12"   Mozart
French Horn FrHn.-5 Replicato   Ployhar
French Horn FrHn.-5 Andante, from "Quartet in A minor"   Schubert
French Horn FrHn.-5 March, from "Suite No. 5"   Purcell
French Horn FrHn.-5 Nobility   L.B. Smith
French Horn FrHn.-5 Celeste Aida   Verdi
French Horn FrHn.-5 Viking   L.B. Smith
French Horn FrHn.-6 2 Caprice 2:48  J. Ployhar Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-6 4 The Hunt 2:14  J. Ployhar Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-6 6 Rondo from Divertimento No. 11 3:40  W. W. Mozart Medici
French Horn FrHn.-6 8 Funiculi, Funicula 1:35  Denza Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-6 10 Telstar 1:35  L.B. Hunt Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-6 12 Sonata Theme 3:29  W. A. Mozart Bel-Mills
French Horn FrHn.-6 14 Humoresque 2:22  P. Tschaikowsky Bel-Mills

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